Explore Khao Yai

Tours at InterContinental Khao Yai Resort begin with a warm reception and a team of in-residence experts – wilderness guides, agriculturalists, world class chefs, natural healers and a concierge – dedicated to leading authentic explorations in the region.

A world of inspired tours await right around the corner, including rare wilderness excursions, romantic journeys, sophisticated culinary experiences and family-friendly Khao Yai trips.

Our concierge, in particular, is a valuable resource for exploring the region – you can even think of them as your own personal Concierge Guide. They offer a wealth of local information and can help with organising activities, making plans, schedules and dining reservations (even before you arrive).

InterContinental Khao Yai Resort’s lead Concierge Guide is Ms. Sarocha Ngampradablert. She can be contacted at +66 044 082-039 or by email at

Our concierge can help you arrange authentic explorations throughout the region, and our team of in-residence experts – wilderness guides, natural healers, agriculturalists and world-class chefs – will enlighten you on the best of local culture, cuisine and landscapes.

Inspire curiosity in youth and explore the natural wonders of the Khao Yai landscape. This tour teaches kids about the benefits of nature, the history of the landscape and more. Both educational and recreational, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes.
Learn about where wildlife lives, right in our midst. This 30-45 minute tour begins on the shores of Swan Lake and ends with a chance to feed Koi fish. Along the way, you’ll learn about the natural habitats of swans, hornbills, white squirrels, peacocks and more.
Discover the history of InterContinental Khao Yai Resort with the Resort Tour. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the architecture and designs of repurposed railcars – such as Heritage Railcar Suites & Villas and Back on Track: Spa – and learn about the inspiration behind other landmark outlets.
Nurture imagination in a natural setting. These art projects encourage kids to design and create based on their own inspiration. Ideal for kids aged 4-12, it is offered free of charge – and also makes for a great rainy day activity.
Follow the treasure map to discover some of the best secret spots at InterContinental Khao Yai Resort. This tour leads young explorers around the grounds in search of animals, trees, fauna and other hidden natural gems.
Things to do in Khao Yai

Be inspired by the wonders of the national park’s mountain landscape, and connect to one of Thailand’s most majestic natural spaces in new ways. There is no shortage of things to do in Khao Yai. Embrace the adventure and explore the mountains and the timeless culture which fills the surrounding valleys on rails, on moto, and even with your own set of pedals.

In Residence Experts

Our select team of advanced experts helps shape the guest experience with insight, knowledge, Khao Yai culture tours and more. Taken together, they are the best kind of enlightening introduction to Khao Yai.

buddha statue at wat thep phitak punnaram khao yai thailand

Khao Yai Culturalist

Our culturist is a native and local who is specially-trained in both hospitality and history. She leads tours to nearby destinations, shares Khao Yai legends and customs, and guides guests through the most important destinations in the region.
wooden tray with papaya salad and toppings

Local Chef

Our lead culinary expert is a local native, and a master of organic produce. He is based in Somying’s Kitchen, and leads Khao Yai cooking classes, and culinary activities for guests.
swan lake at intercontinental khao yai resort

Head Gardener

Our head gardener leads a team of dedicated professionals who care for numerous lakes and abundant trees on the estate. As an ambassador of nature, he is always happy to lead Khao Yai botanical garden tours, and share his insider knowledge.

two white swans near the water


From the families of native plants which fill the landscape, to the swans and koi fish living in the lakes – a Khao Yai Naturalist tour opens the door to all the life which surrounds us.