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Khao Yai Shopping

Explore the local region and enjoy a plethora of options for dining, exploring and shopping in Khao Yai.
Many of the best wares produced in the Khao Yai region are locally grown natural products, including sunflowers, fresh dairy, and vintage wine. But there is no shortage of crafts, handmade jewellery, designer goods and Thai silks available – though you’ll need to step away from the national park to find them.


A European city square with a distinct Old World feel; transplanted from the hills of Italy to the rolling green of Khao Yai. Formerly known as Primo Posto, this adobe, brick and terra cotta plaza provides open air shopping, gelato and cappuccinos, plus pasta and wine – amidst wrought iron gates, cobblestone streets, bubbling fountains and umbrella-shaded café tables. It is locally famous for its pasture fields full of alpacas and donkeys.


This railroad city, located northwest of the national park, is home to the only Class 1 Railway Station in the region. The city grew alongside the Northeastern Line, and is the best and nearest destination for local life and Khao Yai shopping – boasting, for instance, both a bustling morning market and a lively night market. It is also an epicentre for Thai silk goods. Some of the most famous shops include Chanthima, Chattong and Aphor Sri.


Among the finest locally-made goods is Siam Botanicals’ full range of boutique hair and skincare products – 100% natural pure essential oils and bath salts, facial masks and cleansers, toners and mists, lotions, balms and conditioners, scrubs, soaps and body washes.

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Explore the nature by our complimentary biking at InterContinental Khao Yai Resort
Rolling terrain, challenging inclines, fresh air and breathtaking landscape make Khao Yai a cycist’s dream location. An abundance of roads, paths and nature trails also make it accessible for riders of all skill levels. Feel the landscape unfold in this incomparable haven, surrounded by natural wonders.
a man looking at a gallery wall full of colorful art
From train-themed art and works by recognised Thai masters, to Picassos and cathedral architecture – art in the Khao Yai region has a great deal to offer. Pop-up gallery events, local craft projects and our guided tours just make it all the sweeter.
cows beneath a tree at chokchai farm khao yai thailand
Khao Yai is one of the most fertile regions in South East Asia. The region is ripe with organic farms, rolling vineyards and shady orchards with rare and exotic fresh fruit.