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Khao Yai for Kids

At InterContinental Khao Yai Resort, kids can explore on bicycle, learn about local plants and trees, and even feed the local wildlife. We are proudly a family resort in Khao Yai – and there is no shortage of activities to instil kids with a sense of wonder.
Treasure hunts through our botanical groves, bicycle trips to feed wildlife and vegetable farming in an organic garden make InterContinental Khao Yai Resort a kid’s paradise.


Easily one of the most active and exciting Khao Yai kids activities. In this educational game, kids can explore the grounds and learn about local life. It all begins with a treasure hunt book full of clues. It leads to different areas and encourages children to identify and find different trees and natural elements.


Planet Trekkers is home to a mini vegetable garden, where kids can spend hours, learning about different plants and flowers. They can practise planting and cutting, and even taste some of the fresh natural herbs, fruits and vegetables.


Perhaps the best way to explore the botanical gardens. Kids are fully equipped with safety gear and bicycles and then led on a tour around the grounds. Highlights include a hands-on opportunity to feed enormous koi fish and brilliant white swans.

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Explore the nature by our complimentary biking at InterContinental Khao Yai Resort
Rolling terrain, challenging inclines, fresh air and breathtaking landscape make Khao Yai a cycist’s dream location. An abundance of roads, paths and nature trails also make it accessible for riders of all skill levels. Feel the landscape unfold in this incomparable haven, surrounded by natural wonders.
a man looking at a gallery wall full of colorful art
From train-themed art and works by recognised Thai masters, to Picassos and cathedral architecture – art in the Khao Yai region has a great deal to offer. Pop-up gallery events, local craft projects and our guided tours just make it all the sweeter.
cows beneath a tree at chokchai farm khao yai thailand
Khao Yai is one of the most fertile regions in South East Asia. The region is ripe with organic farms, rolling vineyards and shady orchards with rare and exotic fresh fruit.