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Khao Yai Farms

The Khao Yai corridor is the gateway to one of Thailand’s most green and rural regions – the expansive Korat Plateau.
The fertile rolling hills around the national park are home to a wealth of shade-swept orchards, open farm fields, sprawling rows of green, and trees full of bright fruit and flowers. Long country roads dotted with farm stands and distant hazy mountain backdrops await.


InterContinental Khao Yai Resort has its own organic farm, located just a short distance from the national park. Tours are available, and one of the highlights is rare yellow dragon fruit – which grow only in a few select regions of Thailand. Tours can also be paired with organic cooking classes led by our in-residence chef. We have also partnered with several local organic farms, which can be enjoyed on longer custom tours.


There is no shortage of sweet and juicy fruits, and crisp fresh produce available in regional Khao Yai farms. Local favourites include mangoes and strawberries, custard apples, corn and mushrooms.


Ranches in the Khao Yai region include enormous dairy farms, kid-friendly farm experiences and grown up rodeo corals with stables full of horses.

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Explore the nature by our complimentary biking at InterContinental Khao Yai Resort
Rolling terrain, challenging inclines, fresh air and breathtaking landscape make Khao Yai a cycist’s dream location. An abundance of roads, paths and nature trails also make it accessible for riders of all skill levels. Feel the landscape unfold in this incomparable haven, surrounded by natural wonders.
a man looking at a gallery wall full of colorful art
From train-themed art and works by recognised Thai masters, to Picassos and cathedral architecture – art in the Khao Yai region has a great deal to offer. Pop-up gallery events, local craft projects and our guided tours just make it all the sweeter.
view of heo suwat waterfall from a cave
Connect with the natural side of life. Khao Yai remains one of Thailand’s top destinations for a reason. Breathtaking landscapes, picturesque waterfalls and natural encounters with wildlife are simply daily occurrences.