Khao Yai Art

From royal portraits and Siamese traditional arts, to modern sculpture and Picasso crafts – the quality, depth and sophistication of the collections in Khao Yai art galleries is as good as any you’ll find in Thailand.
Khao Yai is better known for its scenic natural wonders than for its crafts and visual art. But a string of under the radar galleries and museums, and a commitment to local artists and Thai masters make it an art destination worth visiting.


Prammika Art Gallery is located in a lush green mountain valley adjacent a modern Thai Catholic Cathedral. The gallery’s architecture contains cathedral-like elements, as well as strong modern lines and cool neutral greys. Thai traditional art, portraits of great kings, oversized floral canvases, Khao Yai paintings, horizontal landscapes and European retro and nouveau are all on display.


InterContinental Khao Yai Resort was designed with art in mind, and provides in-depth opportunities for discovery for guests of all ages – including an in-residence artist, Khao Yai art classes, as well as gallery collaborations, youth crafts and photography and memorabilia collections.


One of our top tour destinations is Khao Yai Art Museum – which houses one of the most widely regarded collections in Thailand. It boasts prints, painting and sculpture, watercolours, pencil and charcoal, and both traditional Thai art and modern pieces. The museum includes both classic gallery spaces, as well as a large outdoor sculpture garden, and a relaxing café.


Another incredible private collection, recently open to the world. 129 Art Museum unites an incredible 55 modern artists in one building, and it counts a standing collection of more than 400 paintings, including works by two members of the royal family and an incredible collection of original Picasso pieces – done in terracotta, earthenware, and glazed ceramic.

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cows beneath a tree at chokchai farm khao yai thailand
Khao Yai is one of the most fertile regions in South East Asia. The region is ripe with organic farms, rolling vineyards and shady orchards with rare and exotic fresh fruit.
view of heo suwat waterfall from a cave
Connect with the natural side of life. Khao Yai remains one of Thailand’s top destinations for a reason. Breathtaking landscapes, picturesque waterfalls and natural encounters with wildlife are simply daily occurrences.
a group river rafting in prachinburi thailand
There is no shortage of things to do in Khao Yai. The wild mountain landscapes are a perfect backdrop for thrilling adventures like canyoning and ziplines, river rafting and ATVs, and bicycling, hiking and trekking.